Case Of The Mondays

Well I sure as hell hope everyone else’s Monday went better than mine! Started off feeling good when I woke up. Got to work early as usual with Starbucks in hand, of course. Then my boss, who has the keys to open the store, decides he’s going to sleep in and be 30 minutes late.

Now I’m pissed because I can’t punch in until I get on the computer and so I lose 30 minutes of my time. The regular work day went decent until right before I’m about to leave. The boss, who made me late this morning, had the nerve to ask me to stay late today. Granted yes it does make sense in an effort to get my 8 hours, but I shouldn’t have to punish myself by staying late when you screwed me out of my first 30 minutes… am I right?

Anyways I said “HELL NAW” and left 🙂

Now I’m chilling at the crib hoping tomorrow is a more time efficient day! Happy Monday everyone, hope your Tuesday goes even better!

How was your 4th of July?

What’s up world? Hope everyone’s 4th of July was as epic as mine was. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Mainly because of fireworks, BBQ, and summer time. I know, i know… that’s not what the 4th is all about. Of course it’s our Independence Day, but I celebrate that by blowing shit up all day.

Sure seemed like this year there were a lot more fireworks in the Area than most years before. From about 6pm to midnight you couldn’t get 5 seconds of silence before you heard something else blow up. I just chilled my buddies house this year in Monroe. Fireworks are legal to set off up there and since he owns his own air conditioning installation company, he was loaded with fireworks from the reservation. I’d guess $500-1,000 in stuff total! It’s what made the whole night epic. His show was better than the local speedway that put theirs on every year.

His neighbors actually stopped setting off their fireworks because they were more entertained just watching his. I did come to find out what his secret is to having a much better display than others. He buys ZERO artillery set-ups, NONE! Instead his secret is that he buys a ton of awesome cakes. This gave him the edge in 2 different aspects. First off, you can only get so many artillery rounds up at a time with an awkward pause in between each stunt. Second, he was able to just like one that was daisy-chained to another and then sit back an admire his own show for a bit. With artillery, you are so focused on loading, lighting, running, checking, and reloading. With cakes, there’s so much less effort and a much better reward.

Anyways my point for this post was to thank Adam for such an amazing show he put on this weekend and I look forward to seeing it again next year. Hope you all had an amazing 4th like me and remember, its almost Friday already.

Schools out for summer

Well here comes the best time of the year for us Washitonians. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, we do not get to enjoy the sunlight and heat much of the year so the months of July and August are so much more valued here.

The purpose of this post is to help hold myself accountable for the summer. As you may know, if you read my about page, I am an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to make my own future. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, watching, and researching about this so that I can hit the ground running. One of the biggest things I have noticed is that its all about networking. In today’s market, it’s more about WHO you know rather than WHAT you know. Well this is a problem for me as I only have a small group of friends.

That being said, summer time resolution is to get out, get around, and drastically expand my networking capabilities. Even if it’s just for the purpose of getting used to talking and meeting new people, I want to learn how to brand myself and learn about other entrepreneurs. I want to know their paths and what makes them tick. I want to try and narrow my own path and pick my niche. Right now, I’m a lost soul. My future is completely blank because I don’t even know what I want to do, I just know I want to do it myself and not for someone else.

In closing, my summer is my time to hustle and make a change in my life. I think this plan is going to be so much fun for me and even more educational to find out who I really am. I look forward to this adventure and where the wind takes me because where ever I go and whomever I’m with, I will do it with all my heart and hustle hard.

Stay classy folks!

Welcome to the world of Brandon Clayton

What’s up readers? Thanks for checking out my blog page that will highlight the amazing adventures of Brandon Clayton. My life as a young, wild, fund, crazy adult. Learning how to “adult” is a real pain in the you know what. At my age, there are so many changes going on in my life. Through my writing, I will be able to reflect on my best years when life becomes monotonous and boring to remind myself to get back to my roots. I hope you enjoy my stories I reflect through my posts.